Discover the truth about money and change your lifestyle

Discover the truth about money and change your lifestyle

Imagine for a moment that money does not matter. Think about all those things you do everyday, every week, review the past years of your life. Would you change something? Is that the lifestyle you want to lead the rest of your life? What you do is what makes you happy?
I’ll tell you a secret that I hope will invite you to reflect. If you focus your life on money, you may spend many years doing things you do not like, to have an income to buy things that you think can make you happier.

Many people including myself included our lifestyles by predetermined paths that are supposed to lead to more comfortable life. When, in fact, the only thing we do on many occasions is to settle in unsatisfactory ways of life, which fit in with what society dictates.

You can not afford to let your life slip away, spending time going to a job you do not like, paying bills at the end of the month or because you’ve become a slave to the debts. You have to change your perspective, to discover the truth about money and achieve the lifestyle you want.
Sometimes it seems that we live connected to a Matrix, which generates a virtual reality that dictates us the rules of the established and in which we believe to be free of our decisions. Yet, in fact, there is a complex system around money, which makes us slaves to our fears and prey of conformity.

Wake up from lethargy

To change your lifestyle, you need to wake up from your lethargy and see the money and the reality, from another point of view. Otherwise, you will only waste your time. Also, as I have said other times, no matter how rich or powerful we may be, none of us are assured of tomorrow.
Money is a scarce resource, which establishes order within the chaos of society through capitalism. So the possession of that capital or accumulation of wealth determines who has the most power within that system. But no case, to have more money is to be happier or to achieve a full life.

All this ultimately leads you from the beginning of your education, and you make decisions in your life that does not take you to the right lifestyle you want to live. So this is so because no one gave you the option nor raised it in due time.

Also, that ultimately leads you to compete for good grades, to study a university career with excellent job opportunities or one that guarantees you a good future and high income or worse, to explore what your parents wanted you to do because it was better for you
So after that, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a job of your own. Moreover, you will start selling hours of your time, to get a salary with which to buy and consume, all those things that will make you happy. And above all to be able to show to others what your economic level is in the system. Looking for a nice car, buying a house in a safe area, wearing designer clothes and going to all those places so fashionable.

Never enough

However, everything is designed, so you never have enough. And then you will think that by earning more money, changing jobs, working longer hours or giving your life to a company that does not let you almost see your family, you can buy what you envy from the neighbor next door or the most prominent Between your circle of friends and finally be happy.

And that’s if you are lucky enough not to embark on massive debts to reach that status and lifestyle that your income today does not allow you to achieve. Because in the case of doing it, then already yes you are condemned for the rest of your days. And you’ll be afraid to lose that job you hate because you need to pay everything you owe. You will swallow with all the miseries imposed on you by the circumstances of your work.
And worst of all, we educate our children under the same pattern, without asking if there is another way. Instead of directing our lives toward money, we should ask ourselves what we want to do in life.

Identify genetic talent

We can all identify within ourselves those genetic talents and those passions that have awakened in us as a result of our experiences. And once you find that thing that you are passionate about, that you like, that comforts you, that makes you happy, dedicate your time to it.

At the end of the practice, you will end up becoming an expert in your field, taking at the same time your desired lifestyle. And because there will probably be more people interested in what fills you, you can help those people by passing on that knowledge. Now I assure you that the money will come to you.

You do not know the fate of many of the professional athletes who dedicate themselves to what they are passionate about or the musician who makes a living with that which amuses him, etc.
Do you have the talent for surfing and enjoy it? Are you a lover of risk sports? Do you love to travel and learn languages? Are you a fan of photography? Have you discovered that you have a limitless creative capacity that fascinates others? All these have an application that will lead you to make money for what you do. As Nietzsche said, if you have a way to live, you will always find the how.

Exploitiong your talents and skills

That way you will be happy doing what you like and exploiting your talents and skills. But, it does not end here. Then you have to understand that you should not spend the money that brings you what you do as an expert so that it compromises your future. Whenever you go to buy something think if you need it? Then you have to make that money, generate more money for yourself. So you do not have to worry a single day more for him and what the system marks you. And just worry about living. What about are you willing to change your lifestyle?

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