8 ways to really enjoy a travel destination

8 ways to really enjoy a travel destination

Planning a trip soon? Excited? You should be! Travelling is more than just getting away, it’s about taking a break and refreshing yourself.

Traveling is about creating memories that you can look on. You can either enjoy a travel destination like a tourist, or you can dive deeper, explore, and really enjoy a travel destination. How can you do that?

While carrying extra cash for backup, packing your bags smartly, finding a cozy place to stay, and traveling with all the crucial documents like your passport and identity card are the staples, there are many other things that can truly help you enjoy your trip.

1.    Learn new sentences and words

Don’t want to be left speechless when talking to locals? You better do a little homework. Before getting on the plane, learn a few basic words, sentences, and slangs of the local language. If you want to know the local people and the place better, knowing the language helps. Learning a few words in the local language can help you communicate better with the locals.

2.    Take out ample time

Don’t try to cram several things in little time! In order to enjoy a travel destination, you must have sufficient time to really explore different places, people, and food. So take your own sweet time but do make sure you have a plan! Planning a tour with limited days in hand can be a spoiler when you are actually on the trip.

3.    Get familiar with the place

Keeping a map of your travel destination handy is the key step to survive effortlessly in a new surrounding. Along with the map, the internet has plenty of information on secret locations you should visit. Bookmark them on your phone. Plus, keep an eye out for local phone apps that can help you. For example, if you’re dropping into Dubai, Visit Dubai is an app that’s quite helpful for travellers.

4.    Travel Light

Who wants to carry a heavy backpack or huge bags while they are away to enjoy a new place? If you really want to enjoy a travel destination, carry only what you need! Leave behind your favorite attires, branded perfumes and toiletries, and fancy shoes at home and carry only the essentials that you’ll actually NEED during your trip.

5.    Observe and don’t judge

The lifestyle of people, food, weather conditions, and practically every other thing is going to be distinct from those in your home. Don’t be finicky or judgemental when you travel. Observe what’s happening around you and don’t judge when you see something unfamiliar. And, if you have the courage, jump in and experience it too. So when in Malaysia, you won’t find people dressed in yellow colored attires – it’s not because they hate the sunny shade. This is because the authorities have prohibited them from wearing yellow as it is worn only by protest organizers.

6.    Experience local life

Sure you can visit all the tourist and historical locations, but if you want to truly know your travel location, you should become a part of the local life. Take a day or two out of your plans and live like the locals. Travel like they do, eat like they do, and enjoy every moment just like the locals do. You want to observe and discover the local life, so find those hubs in the area. For example, if you are in Mumbai, sitting at Marine Drive is a perfect way to see how fast the city moves.

7.    Explore offbeat locations

Traveling to known and famous places is cliché! Take a tour to the offbeat, unusual tourist spots and take the roads less travelled. Read up on the Internet and talk to the locals to know which are the less-invaded and least explored places in the city. Don’t be reluctant to travel to the outskirts. Once you reach the destination, you’ll realize all the efforts were totally worth making.

8.    Have backup plan

If you miss a bus, don’t freak out! It’s not the end of the world or your travel plans. Have backup plans and if you don’t, be patient and wait for the next bus instead of feeling stuck and wasting your day. Know all the available options beforehand or seek help from various apps or websites and find another way instantly. If not these, then natives. Local residents can help you out in anything and everything, so be upfront and ask for help.

It’s smart to have a wishlist and list of place you WANT TO visit no matter what. But to make the most of your exciting travel destination, you must go with the flow and enjoy every moment that comes the way of your journey. Be ready to have a nomad’s journey too. From food to new spots, break the rules and ditch your plans, and you’ll return with memories worth cheering throughout your life.

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