These shoes are made for walking

These shoes are made for walking – 5 shoes every globetrotter needs

Packing the right footwear is something that many travellers overlook. The kind of shoes you pack when traversing, can make or break your experience. While the heels may tempt you, they may not be your best pick when exploring a city. Likewise, those cool pair of sneakers won’t work if you plan to hike. Now, you do not want to end up with blisters or sore feet. Hence, taking care of your feet is critical. But, it can be stylish too with a range of styles available today. To help you overcome the dilemma, here is a list of best travel shoes for every kind of trip!

1.    Trainers / Sneakers

The best way to explore a destination is often on foot! If you are planning to do that on your next destination, then you will need a comfortable pair of sneakers. Designed for normal terrain, sneakers are a fantastic all day option. What’s more, they are lightweight so that will decrease your load. While you might be tempted to pick some cheap ones, they may not leave your feet fine! Pick a good quality pair that goes with every outfit.

2.    Trekking Boots

Designed to provide stability, ankle and arch support, and of course comfort, trekking or hiking boots are your best friend if you are planning a trek or hike in a rough terrain. These shoes have thicker soles and are durable enough to withstand the challenging trail. You can also get them in waterproof varieties. Make sure you choose good quality shoes, otherwise you may end up with a bad experience.

3.    Sandals or Flip Flops

While sneakers or trainers are a more comfortable option when walking around, a beach trip calls for bare feet or footwear that you can slip on and off with ease. Well, how otherwise would you feel the cool of the waves tingling your feet then and now? Not only this, these footwear come in handy when visiting certain touristy places where you may be required to remove them. Comfy pair of flip flops or sandals is a must if you plan to visit places like Mauritius or Maldives.

4.    Loafers

A pair of loafers or ballerinas is your choice if you seek elegance mixed with comfort. These classy flats go well when visiting an art gallery or going on a brunch with a friend. They may even work well at parties or at a club with your gang. Carry them along if any such visits are on your to do list.

5.    Heels or Classy Shoes

Living some destinations is not complete without a night out in the town. And, sometimes you just need to let your hair down after a tiring day of exploring the city. So, do not forget to pack in your beautiful pair of heels or classy shoe wear. Wear them with your stylish outfit and dance the night out.

So, here were some of the best travel shoes every globetrotter must have. Remember, packing light is the key to a fun-filled trip. So, don’t overload your bag with too many of them, check your itinerary and carry the ones you need and you are good to go!

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