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Give my compliment to BestCredit services

I will like give my compliment to the services I received from the staff of BestCredit. I went to their office opposite Bukit Gomak MRT and was served by a gentleman (did not take down his name). I was asked to fill in a form while he do some screenings. During the process, we had a chit chat and his lady colleague (also did not take down her name) also joined in. Both of them had advised me on my loan and told me that my loan is to be settle within 1 month unlike some loan companies which need to settle by weekly. They also advised me that my CBS rating is not good and told me to call the bank to settle it. They even photocopy my CBS report for me. As it was raining, the lady offered me a umbrella which she did not need to. I will give the visit to the company a score 10 out of 10 and I highly recommended this company to anyone who want to take a loan as they are very professional.